Our little man has arrived!!


- '02 emergency c/s due to prolapsed cord after 24hrs (+/-) labor.
- '08 Successful VBAC. Got to hospital at 8cm and received an epi at 9cm, broke water, baby born 2 hrs later.
- Went in at 36w with this pregnancy thinking I was in active labor, dilated to 4cm and everything stopped.
- Was going to attempt an unmediated birth this time.

Well I had an appointment Monday morning (8/23) at 10am. I was dilated to 5 1/2+, but doc didn't think it was the day. I told him otherwise :) So Jay and I went to the mall to walk around and just ended up in Barnes and Noble. We were there about an hour but I just needed to come home. When we got home, I decided to take a bath and kinda get in a squatting position to see if it would help things along. I was still having my contractions in waves though (which continued through the end). They would be close and regular and then space way out. By 2pm, I told Jay that we were going to be going in. I just didn't want to take any chances with the hospital being 20min away without traffic. Problem was my mom was out doing errands with the van (has been here 2 months helping out due to semi bed rest) and W was sleeping. So I called my mom and she rushed back thinking I was having the baby right then lol.

We arrived at the hospital around 4pm and I was dilated to 8cm. I was still joking around with the nurses and having conversations... they couldn't believe I was at 8cm. My doula arrived about 30 minutes later and the photographer was there shortly after (see sneak peak here). We did some walking in the halls, utilized the ball, etc. For a while I didn't think I would need the doula, but the minute transition started thank god she was there. After each contraction I would say "I just can't do this, I'm too tired" She would get me so relaxed during the contraction that I nearly went to sleep when it was done and wanted to stay asleep.

At 7pm I was hanging off of Jay and crying because I was just so exhausted and thought I was crazy for wanting this natural/unmediated birth, yet didn't want to cave in. Lots of emotions going on. So I told Jay and the doula I wanted to be checked again. The nurse came right in, checked me and said I was at 9cm. Screw this "I want them to break my water... I know when they do he'll come out like a slip and slide"... yes I was still joking around lol. The doc that had been on call was the one I had problems with a few weeks ago, but thankfully they had just switched shifts. I was on the bed on my hands and knees to try and help with the contractions and the doc says "Jennifer is there any particular position you want to deliver in?" She would have let me deliver however I wanted!! Of course my response is "I don't care as long as he comes out and this is over!"

So she had me lay on my back to break my water and immediately I felt the warm fluid and then have a contraction. With W we had a few hours before he was born after my water was broken. NOT THIS ONE! Holy cow. As I am having that contraction, I get a deer in head lights look on my face, find Jay (he was standing to the side) and yell "NO!! He's coming RIGHT NOW! He's coming too fast! It's happening too fast! I can't do this!" I lost control. I wasn't prepared for how fast it was happening, but I guess everyone else was cause they were getting set up before my water was even broken. Of course Jay runs over to my side, the doula is on the other side, and the doc, nurses and photographer all say I can do it (and because I have no choice).

They didn't even have the bed broken down and doc says... "Push if you need to" while everyone else around is getting things ready. Even if she had told me not to, I would have anyway lol, baby was there and I was getting him out. She also asked me if it was ok for them to give me Pitocin after delivery to help the uterus contract, but I said I'd rather nurse and she said that was fine. 5 minutes after my water broke (dilated to 9cm) and 3 pushes later he was born. I never thought I was a screamer, but I think I may have scared a few women that night. I was using my full lung capacity. Nurses said that I was nothing compared to what they consider "screamers". Sure.... lol. It wasn't really like a pain scream, but more of a primal thing yell... lol I don't know how to explain it.

I was really proud of Jay. I was a little out of it and confused from everything happening so fast and doc asked if he wanted to cut the cord, goes to hand him the scissors and he says "I think we are waiting" doc-"Ok that's fine" About 4min or so later doc says, "Jennifer the cord has stopped pulsating and you are delivering the placenta. Is it ok for dad to cut the cord now?" Delivering the placenta was the weirdest feeling ever. Doc said it would make me feel better, didn't know what she was talking about but it did. Doc asked if I wanted to see it cause she shows all her patients, but I didn't care at the time... wish I had now, but no biggie.

He was born at 7:15 pm 8lbs 3.6oz, 21in, and 14in head. He had minimal bruising from coming so fast, but was gone by the next day, apgar of 8/8 for color and his jaundice test was 4.0 the night before discharge (I guess they get concerned after 5+). He was O+ so I had to get a shot (I'm O-), but they kept a hep-lock in just in case and were able to insert it through there.

So all in all I did the completely unmediated birth and only had a very minimal amount of IV fluid (I don't even think I got through half a bag in 3 hours). I had no rips or tears which I was really afraid of because of how fast it was, and I don't even feel like I had a baby. I just feel like I'm having a period (minimal bleeding and light cramping).

He had his 1 week yesterday and is looking great. Went from 8.3 to 7.8 in the hospital and yesterday was 7.13... so 5oz in 2 days! Jaundice isn't of any concern, very minimal.

Doc appt -10:00am (5 1/2cm - which I had been at for weeks)
Arrive at hospital - 4:00pm (8cm)
Get checked - 7:00pm (9cm)
Break water - 7:10pm
Baby born - 7:15pm

Mr. Steven James born on his due date

Proud Papa


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